Terrenus Veritae

Logotipo Folha do Meio

Terrenus Veritae is a company created in 2009, whose main activity to date is the production and marketing of wines. It has its headquarters located in Alegrete, a rural parish of the Municipality of Portalegre - Alto Alentejo / Portugal.

In September 2008 the first grape harvest was carried out in a vineyard located in Besteiros, Alegrete parish within the Serra de S. Mamede Natural Park. It is a mature vineyard and its mature, fully grown strains are planted at an altitude ranging from 500m to 550m on schist terrain.

The wines produced are called Folha do Meio.

Folha do Meio is a plot of traditional agriculture where the vineyard is planted.

The harvesting is manual and the production of the wines is made according to the most modern standards of quality and hygiene, being accompanied by a Senior Winemaker.

Folha do Meio is produced in the White and Red varieties, in the Alentejo Regional Wine category, with a total production of around 45,0000 bottles.